Colantotte cosponsors the RED BULL X-FIGHTERS OSAKA 2014!!

Arc Quest Co., Ltd., manufacturer and distributor of magnetic health gear “Colantotte” (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Osaka / President & CEO: Katsumi Komatsu) cosponsors the freestyle motocross event “RED BULL X-FIGHTERS Osaka 2014” held in May 2014.

Distinctive energy of the medical health gear “Colantotte” to everyone.

Muscle stiffness in shoulders, neck, back, and low back, from which not only professional athletes making severe training every day, but also many of the modern person chronically suffer.

Arc Quest offers the energy of Colantotte to everyone who “wants to challenge in top form at all times.”

“Colantotte” features the arrangement of permanent magnets in its unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPOTM) and the spread of magnetic force in a wide range. Arc Quest has made advisory agreements with domestic and overseas top athletes (teams) including professional golfers Ryo Ishikawa, Chie Arimura and Brittany Lincocome, and Ai Fukuhara (table tennis player, and further released products developed in collaboration with Hollywood movie “The Avengers” on the market in July 2012, which have been enjoying high popularity.

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