Advisory contract signed with Hirokatsu Tayama, the champion of triathlon in Japan!!

Arc Quest Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices, general merchandise and household products (headquartered at Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Japan, CEO Katsumi Komatsu, hereafter Arc Quest) concluded an advisory contract with Hirokatsu Tayama, the champion of triathlon in Japan in 2013 and a triathlete who participated in Olympic games for 3 times in Athens, Beijing and London.

Hirokatsu Tayama was elected to be the representative of Japanese triathlon team in the Asian Games which is scheduled to be held in Inchon, South Korea in September 2014, expected for his success as well as his victory in the Games, and is using his efforts for the nourishment of junior players and the prevalence of triathlon in Japan.

Colantotte will assist and support Tayama who is pursuing his objective.

Hirokatsu Tayama

  • Date of birth : 12 November 1981
  • Sport : Triathlon
  • Country : Japan
  • Work carrier : Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation and staff at Ryutsu-Keizai Univ.

Major results

  • 2004 : 13th rank in Athens Olympic Game
  • 2007 : Won the ITU World Cup Eilat Tournament (1st champion as a Japanese triathlete)
  • 2008 : 48th rank in Beijing Olympic Game
  • 2012 : 20th rank in London Olympic Game
  • 2013 : Won the 19th Japanese Tournament (8 times as the champion in the past)
  • 2014 : 8th rank in the World Triathlon Series Yokohama Tournament in 2014

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