PRESS RELEASE, November 2012

Ryo Ishikawa, a Colantotte Staff Professional, Wins 2012 Mitsui Sumitomo Taiheiyo Visa Masters

21-year old Ryo Ishikawa takes his 9th Japan Tour Victory!

Osaka Japan – November 11, 2012- Colantotte, manufacturer of award winning axially magnetized magnets, proudly announced that Ryo Ishikawa, the company’s supporter and spokesperson, won the 2012 Mitsui Sumitomo Taiheiyo Visa Masters.

According to Arc Quest CEO Katsumi Komatsu, “Arc Quest congratulates Ryo on his 9th professional Japan Tour Victory. His victory with a winning total of 15-under, 273 at the Taiheiyo Club’s Gotemba Course in Shizuoka, Ishikawa proves his spectacular potential to a long-standing and successful career. “

This was Ishikawa’s 2nd win at the Mitsui Sumitomo Taiheiyo Visa Masters. He also grasped the victory in 2010 with a winning total of 14-under, 272. “We are so proud of Ryo, he really proved himself out there on the course this weekend” (Komatsu)

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