PRESS RELEASE, August 2011


Osaka, JAPAN – August 29, 2011 – Arc Quest, manufacturer of award winning magnetic technology, proudly announced today that Colantotte professional golf staff team member Brittany Lincicome wore her favorite Colantotte Magtitan Palette™ Bracelet as she claimed her second LPGA victory of the 2011 golf season.

Lincicome clinched the Canadian Open title with a final round two-under par 70. With wind, rain, and a soggy Hillsdale Golf Course, Lincicome managed to keep her fellow Americans behind her by one stroke. It wasn’t easy but her skill and relaxed disposition proved critical on the last hole. After a hooked tee shot on 18, Brittany took a free drop around the concession stand. She hit a career pitch shot that stopped within three feet of the hole. That remarkable but gutsy shot saved her par and earned her a two-win season for the first time in her career.

According to Arc Quest President Katsumi Komatsu, “We are incredibly proud of Brittany and congratulate her on such an impressive win. She battled a field of talented players in some pretty rough conditions and did so enjoying herself. Her game, her personality, and her style make her the perfect Colantotte ambassador.”

Lincicome wore her favorite pink Colantotte Magtitan Palette bracelet as she took home her second season LPGA title. This fashionable titanium bracelet combines Colantotte’s magnet and mineral technology with pure Ti-22 Titanium. The Palette features a unique capsule made with negative ion producing minerals. They generate abundant levels of negative ions. The Titanium cuff uses 1,000 Gauss axially magnetized magnets arranged in a unique patented Alternating North-South Orientation (ANSPO) that increases the penetration of the magnetic field.

This slim, lightweight, and unobtrusive Palette bracelet makes a statement on the court, track, course, or in the clubhouse.

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