Ryo Ishikawa gets US Open 2011 as his fellow Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy.

Carlsbad, CA – June 8, 2011 – Arc Quest, manufacturer of award winning magnetic technology, announced today that the golfing sensation Ryo Ishikawa will be included alongside his fellow Arc Quest (Colantotte)golf staff members Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy at the 2011 US Open. Ishikawa, an emerging global golf icon from Japan, is in the process of continuing his second full season on the PGA tour in the United States.

Ishikawa gained a US Open spot when he shot a 64 on the last day of the Totoumi Hamamatsu Open. His second place finish moved him up four spots to #49 on the World Golf Rankings. The top 50 professional golfers are exempt from qualifying and now, Ishikawa has an opportunity to compete at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD.

Ishikawa, who won his first event on the Japan Golf Tour at the age of 15, was the 1st player in the history of golf to shoot a 58 on a major tour last year. In March, he announced that he will be donating all of his 2011 earnings to his come country of Japan. The money will be donated to a relief fund to support victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

According to Arc Quest CEO Katsumi Komatsu, “Ryo as the unique ability to remain composed- his level of maturity and professionalism is tremendous. We are very grateful to have him as an ambassador for Colantotte and Arc Quest respectively on the PGA Tour,” he said.

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